Reducing Psychotropic Drug use is Easy

67.7% of assisted living residents have dementia and 26.3% have an active non-cognitive psychiatric disorder. Screening has been found to be helpful in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
Research shows that in nursing homes with treatment:

51% of participants with dementia and depression did improve their quality of life.
58% of those with depression alone, receiving counseling and medication recovered six months later and had a better quality of life.
Only 25% of those receiving medication alone improved, but did not have a significantly better quality of life.
Patients need to be seen 1-4 times per month in order to monitor-the constant fluctuation of behavioral and psychiatric symptoms and medical problems. Post stoke depression usually resolves in 6 months but can last two years.

In conclusion, patients who received psychotherapy (counseling) did 100% better than those that received medication alone. They also had a significant decrease in behavioral problems sooner and a better quality of life for longer.

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