Treating Depression with Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling has been shown to be effective as antidepressants in treating many people with depression. Psychological counseling can be done individually (only you and a mental health professional), in a group (a mental health professional, you, and others with similar problems), or it can be family or marriage counseling where a mental health professional, you and your spouse or family members participate.
More than half of the people-with mild to moderate depression respond well to psychological counseling. While the length of time that persons are involved in counseling differs, people with depression can typically expect to attend a weekly hour-long counseling session for 6- 20 weeks.
If your depression is not noticeably improved after 6-12 weeks of counseling, this usually means that you need to try different treatment for your depression. Psychological counseling by itself is not recommended as the only treatment for persons whose depression is recurrent, more chronic, or severe. Medication is needed for those types of depression and it can be taken in combination with psychological counseling.

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