Why Do We Do Screening

This tool was developed to aid primary care clinicians in caring for their patients who suffer primarily from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. However , many of the tools will also be useful for managing chronic depression and minor depression, secondary to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The care management process recommended here builds on the earlier guidelines from the Agency for Health Care Policy and research (AHCPR)- now known as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)- which have been updated and adopted from other evidence based sources including recently published multi-site trials and current studies.

Quick Facts About Psychological Counseling
In psychological counseling, patients with depression work with a qualified health care professional who listens to them, talks and helps them correct overly negative thinking (which reinforces depressed mood) and improve their relationships with others Psychological counseling for depression is not talking about your childhood, but rather focused on current concerns and ways to address them.

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